What is Executive Search and Recruitment Process?

Executive Search and Recruitment Process is a developed process which includes finding executives and their recruitments. This process depends on mutual confidence, secrecy and cooperation between companies and executives.

Why Executive Search and Recruitment Companies ?

Today's competition economic and political situation has created a brain power market where executives can move freely. Executive Search and Recruitment Companies are the main actors which provide that this market functions regularly. The institutions may receive more efficient results and save time at the same time when they work with Executive Search and Recruitment Companies. The Executive Search and Recruitment Companies are important for the reason that the more proper candidates to the work don't look for the new work actively and these companies find them precisely.

What is the difference between executive search and recruitment process and the other recruitment processes ?

The main difference is that in the other recruitment process, the candidate is the person who "applies to the work" while in the Executive Search and Recruitment Process the candidate is the person who is "chosen for the work". In the Executive Search and Recruitment Process, even though the candidate does not apply to the work, he/she can be chosen by the Executive Search and Recruitment Company. This company invites the candidates after the period of determining the criteria of "working qualification", "personal qualification" and "past business successes".

How you can determine the potential candidates ?

The main point of executive search and recruitment is the understanding of the requirements of the position, work and company request. Our network and transparent systematic analysis methods provide us this vision and capacity. Our process begins with the search of the successful companies and the executives who are effective in these companies. If these executives are interested in the working positions in different companies, we make profound search about them. The pursuant step is the checking of the candidate's references carefully and objectively.

Is the Executive Search and Recruitment Process confidential ?

"Confidentiality" is one of the main important values. The company name is not declared to the candidate without permission of the client and vice versa.

Who is the client for Executive Search and Recruitment Company ?

The client is the institution who requests the executive. The nature of our business is to find proper person to the work instead of to find proper work to the person.

May you define your client relationship ?

Focusing and Consultancy are our basic concepts which define our client relationships. Focusing involves the search of candidates as well as of companies and positions. Consultancy is the togetherness with client and candidates till the end of the recruitment process. The value which is presented and marketed is the consultancy value which is occurred in all of the executive search and recruitment process. At this point, the payment of deposit and the determination the dates of the remaining payments provide us to focus more efficiently on the Executive Search and Recruitment Process. In the international terminology, this kind of relationship is called as retained….

Is the Executive Search and Recruitment Process guaranteed to be terminated by recruitment ?

As in all the other processes which involve human factor, in the Executive Search and Recruitment Process also, the success is not always guaranteed. We are conscious of this reality and we try to minimize the problems which can occur from the human factors and thus to maximize the success level.

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